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Paradijs is a conceptual driven collective with strong cultural, social and contextual drivers, working in the field of urban planning, architecture and interior design. Our interests and ambitions are to initiate, stimulate, explore and design engagements with the aim to positively contribute to a durable long-lasting society.

We are committed to work closely together with clients, collaborators and stakeholders using the power of collective thinking and open dialogue for an intelligent design process. Our design approach to a new assignment starts by making a thorough research and analysis to get a clear perspective of the context, identify it’s potentials and develop these into an integrated design. It’s important for us that a project is strongly connected in all facets to users, community, the city, landscape and nature for it to become paradise for everyone. Therefore our work is based on a sensitive, contextual and integral approach.  

The thriving force behind Paradijs and its founder is Joost Körver. Graduated at the technical university of Delft in the Netherlands, practiced architecture and urbanism in Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich and now Rotterdam with offices like 51N4E, Wiel Arets Architects and Studioninedots. Won several architectural and urban competitions, worked on different scales from big complex urban developments to small scale detailed interior projects, the first sketches until executions of projects. These unique experiences and different perspectives broaden the horizon and shaped the roots of Paradijs.

Paradijs would like to create a lot of different paradises and sprinkle these over the world and make it a better place and inspire other people. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand these little patches of paradise as well as our knowledge with experimental research projects to excel in making paradise. For new opportunities you can call or email us.

Our respected clients, collaborators and stakeholders who have closely worked with us on past and current projects: Atelier KA, Atelier 010, BURA urbanism, Bureau Fraai, Casco, Gemeente Amsterdam Vastgoed, Giovanni Wegher Hariette de Swaan Arons, IABR, Joost Maatkamp architect, Ketting Huls, MANN, Ministerie van Maak! Private Clients multiple, Studioninedots, Studio Spacious, VORM ontwikkeling, XVW architectuur, ZUS